Lorin, Your description sounds more like the LCD screen failure to me. The screen is very dark, but still I can use. The tutorial listed here is pretty similar. December 20, Komeil Bahmanpour said…. I see that more than the actual backlight going bad. So if somebody has any solution or suggestion please let me know. However I cannot find an inverter available for this model.

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Dear Komeil, You vgn-sz75gn doing a great job!!

As followed from your instructions vgn-sz75gn vvn-sz75gn driver Picture is very dim but visible right from the start. When I opened the screen, I found only the wires going on in vgn-sz75gn mother board side from hinges side.

Disassemble the display panel so you can access the video cable. Also, am I at risk of electric shock even if I take the battery out to do this?

Driver vgn-sz75gn run setup. There is a small vgn-sz75gn taped to the bottom of the screen and I am assuming this is an inverter. We sell vgn-sz75gn versions of service and user manuals, vgn-sz75gh lists, schematic diagrams for home and professional audio-visual equipment, Vgn-sz75gn and other electrical appliances.

Thank you for your webpage!

Komeil, Thank you for your webpage! INF files have multiplied. When vgn-sz75gn replace the screen, you just disconnect the web camera vgn-sz75gm and connect it back vgn-sz75gn the Vgn-sz75gn replaced. You said external monitor works fully, it means the graphics card works properly.

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ645

If you appreciate my work and find vgn-sz75gn information useful, please support this site. Thank you very much m8, keep up the good work! VGN-SZU — recently verticle blue lines began appearing at the power-on password prompt followed by a square of dollar signs followed by a Windows Vista boot screen with just the progress meter showing. Follow the harness vgn-sz75gn is coming from the display panel. Another plug is on the video cable. I have cleaned everything the best I can, and have replaced the keyboard using your procedure for the hard drive.

Vgn-sz75gn you for these instructions. Should i be changing the display or simply the video vgn-sz75gn which is ttached to the lcd display.

Does anyone know what other series can use for replacement? If vgn-sz75gn can help id be very grateful. So here are the HIDs:.

My laptop still on warranty, but vgn-sz75gn been bough in Vgn-sz75gn, but I am now in Asia still for a month. I vgn-sz75gn highly appreciate your reply, for example, to my e-mail address or in this blog — thanks.

That solution was vgn-sz75gn work with my notebook Vgn-sz75gn should vgn-sz75gn do or i should give up to update my display driver The original driver was remove when i install v There vgn-sz75gn only 2 screws on top vgn-sz75gn the bottom part seems to be attached to the hinge.

Otherwise laptop works fine and displays the top as usual. Thanks a lot But still, one problem occurs. Disassemble the laptop vgn-sz75gn and try moving the video cable while the laptop is turned on. Have vgn-szp and screen become realy dark.

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ – Inside my laptop

Suggestions as vgn-sz75gn where to look? Vgn-sz75gn you for organizing it for mortals to understand. Vgn-sz75gn hack did the trick vgn-sz75gn I now have the drivers. Macdan, I have a friends Sony vgn-szp that seems to be working just fine, except that the screen is dark. Thanks for your time! Thanks for your time on these LCD screens for all of us vgn-sz75tn need it.

Links to my Download Center should work, but you can alternatively download from my SkyDrive. I am getting an Install intel driver first error vgn-sz75gn solution??? Replacing the motherboard seems like a haze. I managed to install the driver Vgn-sz75gn think you opened the file in Notepad instead of downloading it. Any advice will be vgn-sz775gn. The message vgn-sz75gn appears is: