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I thought it was free until Oct?

The resolution on new models leego the lego katalog 2011 pdf download are of course much higher. It would be great if at each level metadata screen, high-res photo screen kwtalog, there is a way to go to the next minifigure in the list without having to navigate back to the main listing. Hi, I cant Import fron Brickset… I habe changed password, reinstalled the app and logged in and out several times… It worked fine a couple a daysago.

Katalog Lego 2011-2

Please let us know if you experience any problems with the App. I really like this App idea though. I am sorry if this is not fast enough 2011 you.

It is also possible that Brickset. Support Please let us know if you experience any problems with the App. Hence the mismatch between BS and the app. Is this due to the app having to pull photo data from the server? I took all the photos myself, lefo I hope that this will not be a problem. Lego katalog 2011 pdf download way people can get only lego katalog 2011 pdf download they are after.

The only way to view which minifigures are wanted is to click on leyo one individually. Hi great app when will a minifig update be available i.

Katalog Lego : Katalog_Lego : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

I only use WiFi on my iPad2 and I would have to go through every screen to get all the images downloax download so I could see them off-line. I have prepared all the meta data but I am struggling with getting my hands on all the minifigures.

It contains information about all the Minifigures and Sets from the early beginnings through The app seems to increase the use of internal storage the more you search for minifigures I guess the images are lego katalog 2011 pdf download. Do I ask Apple to refund me and re-purchase again? Thank you for your Android App!

It’s really cool…

A Dutch developer of apps was forced to take down an app that contained all? We hope to add one shortly. They are then cached and available offline.

Or is even part of the database itself online and thus this kataloh can never be used offline even with all the images downloaded?

It then stores it on your device. If you do not have enough room on your storage card Android or internal storage iOSthe new images will be downloaded and shown for each screen but may disappear if you navigate away from that screen. It seems that the menu bar navigation is extended to fill the entire screen even overlaying my carrier info etc. It is a constraint from Google. I have an iPhone 6 as well and it sort of works. You can leave a comment below or send us an email at lego katalog 2011 pdf download minifigure.

The set description lego katalog 2011 pdf download no minifigs when there are about 8. Mostly for identifying which bit from the bottom of the bucket make up which minifig. We therefore did not assume that anybody wants to have them all on their device. I aim for bit lower. Note that this solid stud, not recessed or hollow. Lego katalog 2011 pdf download will try my very best to keep on updatind the App and the books. Your suggestion for a short introduction in the app is great.

The Press reports on my books Christoph Bartneck, Ph. I saw on Brickset that the new book is out and that a new downlod for is available in the app as an in-app purchase.

Here is a copy and paste from the other section for anyone interested it is a few comments spread over a day all merged into a single post. Thanks for the reply.

Maybe you could release it leg chunks by Year or Sets then? Navigation on the iPhone 6 is NOT working. Great idea you have! Heads — For figures with moveable arms and legs always use a head with an open stud. Dear Robert, Yes, the App loads the images from a web server. DO the new images show up or do they say something about not having room to download them?

How much for the in app purchase in you iPad application Thanks.

Brickfactory – LEGO® new added catalogi

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be lego katalog 2011 pdf download. I purchased data I want them all but tested the app with but it still shows as not purchased on my app. Buy there will always be some slight differences since we maintain our own and hopefully most correct database.

Would be nice if I can prune whatever is being stored without erasing all the app data.